Join the revolution! The Official Press Release and launch

It’s been a long time coming and we’re still not planning to try to ‘explode’ the news as it is summer and we want to get more people on board and grow it slowly, but the news is out.

You can download the official PDF Press Release and visit the news page here. This is the text of the mail we sent out too:

Please allow me to introduce you to DropSwitch. A new, maverick, boutique-tech solution for businesses who want the opportunity to shape their own destiny.

There's no doubt the internet offers huge opportunities to everyone. However there's a danger that a limited number of large players monopolizing the delivery of digital products will destroy choice for developers and consumers alike.

Developers seem surprisingly happy to sign up to deals where they might hand over their entire sales channel to someone they can't talk to, won't tell them anything about their customers, is extremely inflexible and takes 30% off the top of their SALES! Not to mention they work with anyone, are potential competitors themselves and might well increase their demands at any time in the future. In short, the sort of partner no one would ever accept if they were a person. DropSwitch is an alternative, maybe an addition or a safety net, that users can control. We think a lot of people are going to find that alternative very attractive and reassuring to have in their arsenal.

I've worked producing digitally downloadable products since the Eighties and seen countless opportunities pass me by because the tools required to take them simply didn't exist. There are plenty of ways to deliver downloads from a website, although they often have their limitations, but the opportunity to put all your brand's digital assets in 'a box' that you design, that also allows you to work efficiently with anyone? That's what I needed and the reason I decided to develop DropSwitch.

Of course you can retain exclusivity for your store if you wish. The really exciting part about DropSwitch though is that it levels the playing field for everyone. Whilst working independently users can also work together equally easily, creating a social commerce network. Retailers can compete with on-line retailers, distributors can exist and build apps they can 'white label' for their resellers - but not only them, literally anyone they want to partner with.

Now rather than just relying on an app store like anyone can, you can create one for yourself that your partners can use to promote and sell your products. You have the opportunity to stand out rather than get swallowed up. The emphasis is completely different.

DropSwitch will sustain your existing businesses and open the door for new ones.