DropSwitch offers digital distribution guide

getting digital distribution right

Check out our guide to help plan a digital distribution strategy!


The monster lives!


It’s been a long road but it’s finally ready. During the next month or two many products will be added to the system prior to it’s official launch.

Twitters available...

We’ve just launched our Twitter service. Feel free to follow us now by clicking here of on the links at the foot of many of the pages on the site.

Lots of tweaking!

It’s getting very close now! We’re just in ultra-tweaking stage, tidying up loads of loose ends that need to be sorted out. It’s a long list still but it’s getting eaten up quickly too. It’s a couple of months later than scheduled but that’s what always happens. The end, or is it the start?, is very much in sight. The engines are revved up and we can’t wait to go!

DropSwitch introduced to the market

DropSwitch has finally been, if not unleashed, at least introduced to a few specially selected potential partners. The response so far has been excellent and we have already had to start work on custom channels ready for our formal launch. We will continue to extend the ‘soft launch’ prior to having a major announcement early next year.

First live tests started

We’ve made it off the drawing board and onto the internet. We’re building the backend and setting up test products. So far so good...

Facebook page set-up

If you would like to join our very select Facebook page please click on the logo below to be taken to it and ‘Like’ it to be kept up-to-date with developments...


DropSwitch is named!

After a great deal of head scratching we finally settled on a name. That, in itself, is a major challenge in these days where just about everyone owns a raft of domain names. We hope you like it. It was certainly the best one left...