One Vision - just a bit hard to explain in a nutshell!

DropSwitch isn’t really very complicated, it’s based on a few simple ideas too. It’s useful to almost anyone who wants to do almost anything with their business if they have anything digital to sell and wants to work with people to do that. So it should be easy to ‘sell’, or as I prefer to say ‘explain’, but actually that’s the problem!

I find myself like a demented lookout, constantly having to re-focus in and out on the features DropSwitch offers. DropSwitch can do so many things for so many people in so many different ways. I think I’m learning that it’s better usually to simply ask what the user wants to achieve first of all. Even then however they often jump to other angles as soon as you say ‘yes’ and expect magic at every turn. The truth is the cost, time and effort required to implement DropSwitch is usually justified in one respect - maybe simply not having to ship stock any longer or having it stock with all retailers or open up one new market - and therefore the best thing to do is just try and ‘tick one box’, get started and find out all the real advantages as you go along. You’ll figure them out better than I can guess them because you know your business and that’s what DropSwitch is designed to work with. I know the inner workings inside out but can only guess your business, you’re the expert on that! 8)

Then on top of all that, once you’ve established all the great things DropSwitch makes possible… They move the goalposts on you! Then they expect you to have also got a massive installed user base ready for them to just plug into and basically do ‘the business’ for them! That well might come, there well might be more than enough relevant users to make it a ‘no brainer’ already but it’s not part of the package right now. DropSwitch is just a tool, like the internet itself. Sure it’s extremely powerful and essential possibly, but even the internet doesn’t actually create any business for you in itself. These tools facilitate business opportunities. The actual business deals happen post-tech just as they always did. Tools like DropSwitch just make it easy and more affordable to do these deals for the first time. Not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and effort involved. Some will save many time the cost of DropSwitch by just simply cutting out their shipping charges alone. Others will need to increase sales but the fact that all of their products are always available in all their resellers should pay for DropSwitch tens times over if they have a decent business. That’s not even taking into account all the hassle involved in simply dealing with physical stock that becomes a thing of the past. How much time will that save them? What is the value of that? Then there’s the fact that by doing this now, by getting ahead, might simply make their market position that much stronger and possibly be what makes their business as a whole viable whilst others who fail to innovate fall by the wayside.

But there’s no telling some people - or at least it’s beyond me!! ;-)