Scars of war

I have no regrets, well maybe a few, that I’ll briefly mention. I started out on the road to develop DropSwitch excited, with a simple idea and the notion it was going to be relatively quick and easy to do. I was naive and physically sound at the time. I didn’t realize what I was getting into. No one warned me but I’d have carried on if they had of course and I certainly don’t regret doing so, even with 20/20 hindsight. Nothing in life is easy and certainly not anything worth doing. Throughout those long years I’ve only grown more certain that it has been worth doing, although it would have been better to have finished it earlier of course.

It’s been hard mentally when that last 1% took 50% of the time to come. When ‘tomorrow’, when it would be finished, wasn’t really tomorrow but another ‘tomorrow’ after that. Literally more than 100 tomorrow’s came and went before tomorrow actually arrived! By that point I had gone past caring that the big day had arrived and it seemed like pretty much any other albeit a very important one.

The toughest thing though has been the physical scars. I’m spending well over 12 hours every day glued to screens on my Macs, iPad or iPhone most of that glued to my seat. There’s no doubt my eyesight has suffered. After the first year of that punishment it was going, the last year has completely fried them and unless I have my ‘eyes in’ people are a blur and there’s no way I should be driving. I’m also convinced being seated so much has made my ligaments and tendons contract. It may just be age but my legs have stopped being able to put in the 100% my head has wanted and both my ACLs blown playing football on my rare time away from my computers. Not that will mean the best part of six month immobile are required to put them back in something like working order again. Boy will I be happy to have them back again and be able to kick a ball with my son again.

So I have paid well over the price to get this job done and there’s a lot more work still to do. I hope I can make the rest of the journey a bit more comfortable so it doesn’t take quite such a physical toll on me because I need every one of the faculties I have left at this point!