Turning the Titanic?

With the hundred year anniversary and the announcement of the building of Titantic II it’s been in all our minds a lot recently. I’ve also often felt like I’ve been trying to turn the Titantic with a teaspoon or something too! It may be the age of communications technology but it’s still hard to speak to the right person and then get any action from them however keen they may be. There are definitely some movers and shakers out there ready to spring into action but equally more often than not you wonder what’s going on when you present the entire concept and someone will pick up on the smallest, irrelevant point. They might often refer to some other vastly inferior technology with loads of holes in it but fail to see any of them and still hold it up as a panacea - with no logic to back up their faith. Maybe most frustrating however is the expectation that DropSwitch can do more and more - basically making their role virtually nil! I had this discussion with someone and after establishing that they could run their entire business better in days they then expected it to actually also help them avoid having to ever dealer with suppliers or customers too! If a reseller doesn’t want to do the business bit and just collect the money why does anyone need them!? This is what Apple are trying to do and distributors and resellers need to make the case for their existence rather than try and ape Apple because they’re about the only people who could actually get people to buy it without really thinking it through. DropSwitch does it’s job well and also enhances the opportunity for others to do THEIR jobs better - that’s the whole point of DropSwitch!