Preaching to the converted?

Following our first deal with Softline UK it’s been fascinating contacting their software vendors to discuss the opportunity for them to get onto DropSwitch and discover first hand what’s going on out there and what they think about it. We have had the odd surprise but it’s been encouraging to find almost everyone has shared our thoughts, hopes and fears and shared in our excitement about how DropSwitch might be able to help empower the many rather than the few and maintain diversity in the marketplace. That’s not only been gratifying but also a relief as we’ve had to keep it very much undercover during the years of development and lost touch with many people during this time - so the patient’s still alive and understands the diagnosis, I feared it might be dead if not terminally ill! However it seems as if there’s still life out there and there and there’s still the desire and belief to keep trying to push the boundaries. That’s so important because although DropSwitch will help, it won’t do everything for you and we need the drive and determination from our partners in the marketplace. It’s early days of course but the patient is well and accepting the medicine, let’s see where it can take us.