Fighting feature bloat!

As we creep, albeit confidently, towards the launch version of DropSwitch, you do have to make some difficult decisions and decide what needs to be ‘in’ and what can ‘wait’. The ideas always fly around a bit faster than they can be implemented. We’ve already decided on quite a few things we’ve had to leave out and save for another day to be able to make sure we get DropSwitch out and working solidly. That reliability is the deciding factor for us. It has to work and it has to be the right way going forward - we have to be certain that every step is in the right direction, towards all our goals, however small and insignificant it may appear now. Later on you often find the route you’ve taken is a dead end and you need to now retrace your steps and head off in a completely new direction.

Equally we need to see the complete roadmap for the future so we know where we are going too. This is vital to ensure the foundations we lay now stand firm in future when we head off in new directions. The code has been rewritten many times already to this end and it’s this that has delayed the launch the most. There have been months of ‘jiggling’ since we’ve had a working system to get things just right.