The birth is the hardest part!

I’ve always greatly admired my wife’s bravery when giving birth to our two kids but finishing off DropSwitch has been an equally challenging proposition in a completely different way.

It started off relatively simply and then just grew and grew as the ideas flowed. Once you had the vision of what was needed it was hard to close Pandora’s Box. This and that just had to be included now you realized just how important it was. On top of that there was the cost on your existing business whilst I devoted myself to developing DropSwitch. There’s no doubt the baton has been well and truly passed and this is now the way forward and what went before only incidental. It’s hard to decide what to include, how to do it best and where to draw the line but that isn’t all.

I had thought it was finished a year ago, a year spent on it about to be ready to unveil to the World. I laughed whilst talking to programmers about how it seemed like it might take until Xmas, hahaha, I parted company with another who thought he’d have it finished in November but now warned it was possible it might not be ready until May. Crazy talk! I actually think he was only saying it for effect. Anyway It’s September and it’s still not absolutely, completely ready and I’ve literally spent the last 100 days thinking ‘this will be the day’ in good faith having been assured at least 30 times that this really would be the day! I’m not the World’s most patient person at the best of times and this process has tested me to the limit. It has cost me so much in so many ways but I still believe in it and think ultimately the pain will be well worth it and invest DropSwitch with something more than a simple 6 month project can ever have.

I’m still philosophical, although I’m still thinking it’ll be ready today, and if it’s not then eventually I may have to review that… There are limits you know. ;-)